Why do we need a new residence? Why not just continue the way  
we are?

Early in the study of the future healthcare needs of the new Midwest Province, it became apparent that the current St. Camillus residence would no longer be adequate to provide for the needs of the Jesuit community at St. Camillus. Originally constructed as a hospital in the 1930s, renovation and refurbishment would be limited in scope and insufficient to meet the future needs of the Society. A qualitative analysis of both Colombiere and St. Camillus led to the conclusion that the Jesuits should focus future plans on the St. Camillus/Milwaukee area. Leasing a new residence at St. Camillus will address the immediate healthcare concerns facing the Jesuits.


Why St. Camillus? 

Several factors were considered in the recommendation to focus on a new residence in the Milwaukee area: 

St. Camillus is operated by a religious order whose mission is healthcare and with whom Jesuits have had a very collaborative 25-year relationship. In addition to a Jesuit community, the campus includes 700 additional units for independent, assisted living and skilled nursing, all owned and operated by the Camillians, who employ a staff of 550 individuals to maintain the facility and provide necessary care.  

St. Camillus is close to excellent healthcare services and several highly regarded hospitals. Many Jesuit works are nearby providing opportunities for Jesuits at St. Camillus.  Public transportation is convenient to the Camillus campus.   Milwaukee is centrally located in the reconfigured Midwest Province. With this scenario at St. Camillus, the Jesuits can expand or contract the number of rooms occupied as needs change. 


St. Camillus: Why lease versus own? 

After detailed analysis and discernment, the Jesuits have determined that Camillus is the best place for their community. Also, leasing a new building on the campus best serves the Jesuits’ needs. The lease is structured to incorporate important equity characteristics, including: 

Being long term (50 years).  The option to sell leasehold rights back to the Camillians in the event that rooms are no longer needed. If the Camillians cease operations for any reason, the Jesuits will have the right to either operate their own facility or obtain another healthcare provider.


What will the project cost? 

 Financial Information

Financial Information

The new residence will be a full Jesuit community with 52 private rooms and adequate community spaces, including a dining room, chapel, Jesuit recreation/living room, TV room, haustus room, library, parlors, interior courtyard and activities rooms. Three guest rooms, a room for the superior and a room for the minister are also included. 

As a healthcare facility, this building will house treatment rooms, nursing stations and the appropriate in-room equipment necessary to provide the care needed for the members of the community. 

Current cost projections to provide a turn-key community are $25 million. 

The estimated cost is calculated at $339 per square foot. This compares favorably with a similar residence recently constructed by the Maryland Province in Baltimore.

Together We Can

The need is great, the goal is considerable; our task is to rise to the challenge and to meet this critical need. Each of us is a part of the whole. We ask you to prayerfully consider your part, and to join us as we secure the future of Jesuit Senior Healthcare


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Originally constructed as a hospital in the 1930s, renovation and refurbishment would necessarily
be limited in scope, and insufficient
to meet the future needs of the Society; a new plan was needed...



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